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Normally, race/track day set up for 2008 will be $40 per practice day or $60 for two days. Racers that are in the program can save 50% at all events all season long. As an added incentive, they will also get 50% off at all track day tuning when they are booked in for exclusive afternoon testing sessions.

This program is available to all WSMC and AFM racers at the club level and track day instructors. For those racing with the AMA, a separate program is available on a case by case basis. Should you be interested in the program, please email me your race resume or novice year goals to using “sponsorship” in the subject line.

Program Goal:
To supply geometry and suspension optimization support for race/track only motorcycles and include data collection at every track every Saturday after race practice has concluded, in order to build a track by track database of personal settings.

Program Requirements:
When accepted into the program, the rider will enter into an exclusive one season contract between the rider and Catalyst Reaction Suspension Tuning (CRST). All racers/instructors must place and have CRST decals (provided) on their side fairings at all times. At all races, settings must be recorded at the conclusion of Saturday’s practice and no changes made to the motorcycle on Sunday. CRST must be announced as a sponsor on race day for each race you participate in and be you must supply a picture for the sponsored riders section of the CRST website.

The racer/instructor will arrive at the track and must have the fastest settings installed on the bike prior to going on track for practice. There can be as many changes as needed during practice to optimize the chassis and each change will be recorded. Note that each race will have separate data sheets so that the rider can track changes as needed. At the end of the season, all sheets will be given to the racer to keep.